The CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) component aims to examine the potential application of the CDM in Asia, and to identify greenhouse gas mitigation projects in Asia that could be funded under the CDM.
The CDM is one of the three flexibility mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol. 

Through the CDM, GHG (greenhouse gas) mitigation projects that contribute to sustainable development in developing countries can help Annex I countries  (developed countries and
economies in transition)
meet their commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

The research activities undertaken in this project aimed to

contribute to the evolving CDM rules and modalities
enhance understanding about CDM
evaluate CDM project opportunities
build capacity to develop CDM projects.

Summary of the project


Negotiating the CDM

The project partners kept track of international climate change negotiations, participated in sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and contributed to the evolving rules and modalities of the CDM.

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Country perspectives

TERI, and the project partners from Bangladesh, China, and Indonesia assessed CDM policy and the potential for projects in renewable energy, industrial energy efficiency, power generation, and transport for their respective countries. The Pembina Institute analysed the potential role of the Canadian government and industry in the CDM.

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Potential projects in Asia

Two projects were selected by each Asian partner for further development under the CDM. The criteria used to select these projects included country-specific sustainable development goals, Canadian investor preferences, potential eligibility under simplified procedures defined for CDM small-scale projects and the size and cost of GHG emissions reductions.

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Capacity building

Several CDM workshops were organized by the project partners for policymakers, project developers, and investors in Canada, Asia, and at various COP sessions. The Pembina Institute brought out a user's guide to developing CDM projects.

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