• Vision and Mission

    Environment, economy, and society are at the heart of TERI's mission and the institute's raison de etre

  • Towards Sustainability

    Rooted in the firm conviction that efficient utilization of energy, sustainable use of natural resources, large-scale adoption of renewable energy technologies, & reduction of all forms of waste would ensure sustainable development

  • Social Development

    Our strength lies in developing specific problem-based advanced technologies and institutional innovation that benefit society at large

  • Global Footprint

    Believing in networking and partnerships now a leading developing country institution with a global reach

  • Solutions to Global Problems

    Dynamic and flexible with a global vision and a local focus, creating an inspiring atmosphere for the development of solutions to challenges in the fields of energy, environment and efficient use of natural resources

  • Engaged with change makers

    Inspiring youth - the citizens of tomorrow to combat challenges for a greener today and an environment to nurture future generations

  • Empowered Employees

    The diversity and rich talent of people at this dynamic, action oriented, not-for-profit, and independent non-Government reasearch institute, is the key reason for it's success


Who we are

A dynamic and flexible organization with a global vision and a local focus, TERI was established in 1974, with the initial focus on documentation and information dissemination. Research activities, initiated towards the end of 1982, were rooted in TERI’s firm conviction that efficient utilization of energy and sustainable use of natural resources would propel the process of development.

All activities in TERI, the largest developing-country institution working towards sustainability, move from formulating local- and national-level strategies to shaping global solutions to critical issues. Towards this end, we have established regional centres in Bengaluru, Goa, Guwahati, Mumbai and the Himalayas. We have also set up affiliate institutes – TERI-NA, Washington, DC, USA, and TERI Europe, London, UK – and also have a presence in Japan, Malaysia, and the UAE. We have also established a research base in Africa with an aim to both provide technical assistance as well as facilitate exchange of knowledge amongst the communities in various African states.

Buoyed by more than 40 years of excellence in research and innovation, TERI is now poised for future growth, driven by a global vision and outreach, with a philosophy that assigns primacy to enterprise in government, industry, and individual actions.


Creating Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future


Tackle issues of concern to Indian society, and the world at large, and develop innovative and cost effective solutions.

Enhance networking for sustainable interventions

Realize potential for national and international leadership as a knowledge based agent of change in the fields of energy, environment, other natural resources and sustain able development.

Inspire and reach out to diverse stakeholders for realising a shared vision of global sustainable development could be translated into action.

Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General

Dr Ajay Mathur

Director General


TERI is a great organization with great people, and many of their accomplishments have touched the sky. I am privileged to join TERI as its Director General, and look forward to work with colleagues to enhance the impact of TERI's work, and make the world a better place to live in.