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The Social Transformation Division was established with the mandate of equipping policy-makers with relevant information and strategic inputs from the grassroots. The domain and influence of this Division has evolved over the years by continuously juxtaposing the latest knowledge and trends in...

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Upcoming TERI-ITEC Courses 2016-17: Course I

Upcoming TERI-ITEC Courses 2016-17: Course I

Energy Access and Human Development, 5-23 Sep 2016, RETREAT, Gual Pahari,...

Stories on Women's Empowerment

Stories on Women's Empowerment

From Dependents to Income Generating Home Makers | District: Mayurbhanj,...

Lighting a Billion Lives Convention 2016

Lighting a Billion Lives Convention 2016

The LaBL CONVENTION 2016 is an international forum for universal energy...


  • Igniting young minds: Facilitating education...

    LaBL has touched the lives of more than 1500 students in 23 residential schools in the remote tribal hinterlands of Odisha. They now operate their own solar charging stations and use solar lanterns to study and engage in other vocational activities after dusk.

  • Women pave the way for conservation

    Building capacities of women to plan and implement water and energy-related interventions in Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh.

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