The LEADearthSHIP initiative is giving students in India valuable insights into environmental and sustainability issues.


About Leadearthship Programme

LEADearthSHIP, a youth programme was launched by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in August 2013 focusing on leadership and sustainability. Currently supported by Genpact, the programme targets undergraduate and postgraduate students from recognized universities and institutions of higher learning in Delhi NCR. The objective of the programme is to develop competencies in young people that are relevant for creating an empowered workforce which would work towards building low carbon societies. This includes creating learning opportunities for students that complements and builds on the knowledge, skills and values acquired through education.


  • Prepare youth for leadership roles in their institutions, communities and cities through intensive training and imparting transversal skills.
  • Facilitate understanding of innovation and cutting edge sustainable practices by industry leaders as well as grassroots initiatives.
  • Develop competencies in young people to integrate sustainability in thought and practice in any field and vocation.
  • Impart knowledge on the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) of business and enable learning through the example of Genpact’s CSR / sustainability initiatives

LEADearthSHIP Fellowship

The LEADearthSHIP Fellowship has been the mainstay of LEADearthSHIP


Leadership Lecture and Project Launch

Leaders from the field of sustainability, youth activism, business, media and so on were invited for the leadership lecture and launch ceremony of the project held in August 2015.

Campus Impact Challenge

Campuses from Delhi NCR were invited to participate in this inter-college competition where a group of students were asked to identify one key


In partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Genpact, Sustainable Development Outreach and Youth Education Division organized the YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) meet on January 29 and 30, 2016.


Solar Chirag

Impart skills of making solar based Lamps for marginalized women.

Green Impact

Create awareness about the need for sustainable Development, climate change and other environmental issues.

Green Transit

Promote use of public transport and carpooling in TERI and TERI University. Target group is around 1500-1600 people working and studying at TERI and TU.



LEADearthSHIP Fellowship


Leadership Lecture and launch


YUVA Meet 2016


Campus Impact Challenge


Social Media


Publications, Resource Material, Posters etc.


LEADearthSHIP was the best professional environment to work on for youth between 20's in a sense that it gave flexibility.

Tushar Wayal, LES'14-15

If you ask me about my experience at LES. I would say my company is an outcome of business, management and sustainability learnings..

Rohit Patil Sadaphal, LES'13- 14 Chief Executive Officer, Eckonirmitee Infrastructure & Services

LEADearthSHIP provided me with the most opportune circumstances and environment, to grow and do something which I believe in - which honestly, will stay with all of us forever.

Manav Seth, LES'13- 14

The way LEADearthSHIP is framed and molded into this fantastic course/initiative, it really helped me enter the real world of sustainability, made great friends and most imp of all I regained my confidence.

Siddharth Bhagwat, LES'13-14