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Youth are the backbone of a natio's well-being. They are an important source of creativity and drivers of social change. The Educating Youth for Sustainable Development (EYSD) Division works diligently to enable youth to comprehend the importance of the environment and makes concerted efforts to...

What's happening

Youth Seminar at Shimla

Youth Seminar at Shimla

Youth Seminar on "Entrepreneurship & Skilling: A Springboard for...

Youth Seminar at Ambala

Youth Seminar at Ambala

Youth Seminar on "Entrepreneurship & Skilling: A Springboard for...

YUVA Meet 2016

YUVA Meet 2016

Developing Skills and Social Entrepreneurship: Vision to Action for a...


  • Mentoring young minds on Climate Change

    A climate change awareness programme for school children in Goa to help inculcate a change in attitude, behaviour, and actions towards the environment.

  • Climate EduXchange - harnessing ICT for Climate...

    Seeking to raise awareness and understanding about the issue of climate change amongst students and teachers across the country, the TERI-DELL initiative provides a platform, to share information and ideas, motivating them to take action and bring about a desired change in the environment.

Annual Flagship Programmes

GREEN Olympiad and Junior Green Olympiad

Project period: Annual ongoing project, since 1999

  • In all states and union territories of India and abroad
  • Focus: Knowledge-sharing on sustainable development issues with a special focus on environment for school students of classes IVth, Vth, VIIIth, IXth, and Xth
  • Highlights: A written examination which culminates annually with TERRAQUIZ, a 13-episode televised environment quiz programme, endorsed by CBSE and UNESCO-DESD

School Educators' Conference

Project period: Annual programme, 2008 onwards

  • Focus: Education for Sustainable Development
  • Highlights: Brings together teachers from India, both rural and urban. Addresses concerns on environment education and sustainable development

YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) Meet

Project period: Annual event, 2009 onwards

  • Highlights: A special event of TERIís annual international summit, the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS). It facilitates networking and partnership and selects a small group of identified youth who attend DSDS
  • Activities: A series of seven regional level seminars are a precursor