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The warming of the earth's surface has highly adverse consequences for all life forms on the planet and is a global policy challenge. At the same time, local environmental degradation has more immediate impacts on social well-being and requires policy reforms.

The Earth Science and Climate...

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Developing Country Participation in Addressing Climate Change

Developing Country Participation in Addressing Climate Change

Analyzing Issues and Options for Implementing NAMAs

Indo-Norwegian Science-Policy Dialogue

Indo-Norwegian Science-Policy Dialogue

Extreme Climate Events and Adaptation in Maharashtra



Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Islands on WED 2014


  • Creation of Energy scenario in the future to...

    This study on air quality management at TERI has essential inferences that need to be looked into to take stock of the situation and improve the air quality in East and South Asia.

  • The HighNoon Project

    In order to anticipate the potential negative effects of changes in water resources availability and demand, implementation of adaptation measures is necessary. Therefore, integrated measures that enhance adaptive capacities of systems need to be identified and strengthened.

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