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To achieve the goal of sustainability while dealing with environmental pollution and energy security issues, the Division explores diverse microbial and plant resources to protect the environment, enhance oil recovery from stripped oil wells, and protect agricultural crops from pests. It...

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2nd International Symposium on New Processes & Applications for Plant &...

First KISR-TERI joint workshop on 'Research Cooperation'

First KISR-TERI joint workshop on 'Research Cooperation'

A platform for initiation of collaborative R&D projects with KISR in the...

Indo-Spanish Mini Symposium

Indo-Spanish Mini Symposium

Findings on the potential of endophyte-based biopesticide development...


  • Green cover for crops!

    Every year, pest attack on crops leads to losses that amount to a staggering 240 billion and above. Farmers usually prefer synthetic pesticides because of their ease of handling, efficiency in eliminating pests, and the popular belief that they are economical in nature.

  • Scouting for natural alternatives

    Indian herb Safed Moosli can cure cancer, Neem from Rajasthan is a source of oil for soap, while medicinal properties of Aswagandha are best manifested if harvested at the age of 60 days. These are just some of the facts that came to light as TERI was scouting for the chemical profiles of medicinal plants.

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